Techno Title offers a full range of Title Insurance and Settlement Services for both Residential and Commercial transactions.  Techno Title Agency provides complete title insurance services throughout New Jersey. In addition, we provide present owner, business, co-op, and foreclosure searches.

Techno Title Agency provides quick turnarounds on all your searches in every courthouse in New Jersey.

Closings can be scheduled at the attorney’s office, the lender’s office, our office or Techno Title will travel to the borrowers residence or place of business.

Techno Title Agency sends all commitments via email delivery to our clients and if requested, to the seller’s attorney, review attorney and lender. If requested, we can overnight your title commitments, endorsements and any other documents you require.

Techno Title Agency can provide access to and assistance with obtaining title work throughout the United States.

For more information:

Techno Title Agency provides the following services, searches, or assistance in obtaining the following documents :

  • Title Insurance
  • Electronically transmit binders, endorsements, policies
  • Electronically receive lender closing packages
  • On line ordering for all searches
  • On line forms (deeds, mortgages, affidavits, etc.)
  • Present owner mortgage and lien searches
  • Bankruptcy and foreclosure searches
  • Business searches Co-op searches
  • Chancery Abstracts Certificates of Regularity
  • Upper court searches Patriot name searches
  • Child support searches
  • Tax and Assessment searches
  • Flood, tideland and wetland searches
  • Entity status reports
  • Corporate franchise tax searches
  • UCC searches
  • Surveys and Survey Certificates
  • Prepare Deeds and Other Closing Documents
  • Prepare and record Notices of Settlement
  • Obtains discharges, releases, warrants to satisfy judgments s
  • Procure mortgage payoff letter